Saturday, 26 October 2013

what are the challenges of cloud computing?

Ensuring adequate performance. The inherent limitations of the Internet apply to cloud computing. These performance limitations can take the form of delays caused by demand and traffic spikes, slow downs caused by malicious traffic/attacks, and last mile performance issues, among others.

Ensuring adequate security. Many cloud-based applications involve confidential data and personal information. Therefore, one of the key barriers cloud providers have had to overcome is the perception that cloud-based services are less secure than desktop-based or data center-based services.

Ensuring the costs of cloud computing remain competitive. As a leading provider of infrastructure for cloud computing, we are uniquely positioned to help customers overcome the challenges of cloud computing and fully realize its many benefits. Our Intelligent Platform consists of more than 100,000 servers all over the world, running securely and delivering a significant percentage of the world’s cloud computing applications and services.

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