Saturday, 26 October 2013

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

While cloud computing service is a great innovation in the field of computing but still, there are a number of reasons why people not want to adopt cloud computing for their particular need.


One major disadvantages of cloud computing is user’s dependency on the provider. Internet users don’t have their data stored with them.


Cloud computing services means taking services from remote servers. There is always insecurity regarding stored documents because users does not have control over their software. Nothing can be recovered if their servers go out of service.

Requires a Constant internet connection

The most obvious disadvantage is that Cloud computing completely relies on network connections.

It makes your business dependent on the reliability of your Internet connection. When it’s offline, you’re offline. If you do not have an Internet connection, you can't access anything, even your own data. A dead internet connection means no work. Similarly, a low-speed Internet connection, such as that found with dial-up services, makes cloud computing painful at best and often impossible. Web-based apps often require a lot of bandwidth to download,. In other words, cloud computing isn't for the slow connection.


Security and privacy are the biggest concerns about cloud computing. Companies might feel uncomfortable knowing that their data is stored in a virtual server which makes responsibility on the security of the data difficult to determine and even users might feel uncomfortable handing over their data to a third party.

Privacy is another big issue with the cloud computing server. To make cloud servers more secure to ensure that a clients data is not accessed by any unauthorized users, cloud service providers have developed password protected accounts, security servers through which all data being transferred must pass and data encryption technique.

Migration Issue

Migration problem is also a big concern about cloud computing. If the user wants to switch to some other Provider then it is not easy to transfer huge data from one provider to another.

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